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Over 9,000 Coolsculpting treatments performed by our team.

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Maci Wilkins

Master Coolsculpting Specialist, Aesthetician

Maci is a result-driven, licensed medical aesthetician, and certified laser/skin specialist. She has been providing services since 2001 in the aesthetic field, where she has distinguished strengths in enhancing patients' personal appearances using the latest technology and continued higher education.

Maci's a highly trained medical provisioner that believes investing in your skin and body is a benefit that will last a lifetime! She possesses a special talent for Coolsculpting, and has managed over 6,000 procedures. Maci finds it very fulfilling to connect with her patients, establish trust, and give personal attention to their needs.

As the internal body sculpting specialist, Maci is skilled at choosing and applying Coolsculpting applicators to enhance each individual's body contours. Identified as a leader in Coolsculpting, Maci has accomplished all degrees, including The Master's class at the Coolsculpting University in California. She is excited to be a part of the team that sees total wellness as the ultimate goal.